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History of the Clan

28th Chief of the Clan, Colonel Wilkins Fisk Urquhart of Urquhart

27th Chief of Clan Urquhart

Tartans of the Clan

Stories & Myths of the Clan



Clan Crest Badge

All Clansmen are entitled to wear this distinctive insignia which consists of a lady from the waist upward issuing from a crest coronet and brandishing in her right hand a sword and in her left hand a palm sapling, encircled by a strap and a buckle bearing the motto, “Meane Weil, Speak Weil, and Doe Weil.” The clan crest badge identifies those who use it as members of Clan Urquhart and signifies their loyalty to The Urquhart, Chief of the  Clan, whose crest and motto are embodied in the badge.


The People & Places Of The Clan

Castle Craig on the Black Isle overlooking Cromarty Firth


Piper Major Duncan Urquhart, Piper to the Chief


                             TRIBUTE TO THE CHIEF’S PIPER 

                                                   1939 – 2009  

On July 24th, 2009, during Clan Urquhart’s International Gathering in Edinburgh,  The Urquhart, and members of Clan Urquhart paid tribute to Duncan and awarded him  in memoriam the Chief’s silver medal Clan Urquhart’s  highest award. Before  Duncan’s sudden passing, it had been the Chief’s intent to present his Piper with the medal during the 2009 Gathering in recognition of his many years of outstanding service  to Clan Urquhart.