AN INVITATION TO JOIN. The Clan Urquhart Association is a worldwide organization founded, in May 1976 for the purpose of cultivating a spirit of kinship among Urquharts and descendants of Clan Urquhart; and to serve as the agency by which Urquharts throughout the world maintain contact with their Clan.

The Association is dedicated to preserving the heritage and promoting the interests of Clan Urquhart. National branches have been established in the United Kingdom, the United States & Canada, and Australia & New Zealand. Each branch is self-supporting in finances and organization. The Chief of the Clan is Patron of all branches; and maintains contact with the branches through Clan Commissioners who are appointed by him.

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QUALIFICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP. Membership in the Association is open to Urquharts and other persons descended from the Scottish Clan Urquhart and their spouses. Persons bearing the names of Cromartie and Cromarty are accepted as members of Clan Urquhart; and are therefore eligible to join the Association; as are persons with variant spellings of the name Urquhart. Persons not related to the Clan who wish to identify with it may join the Association as Associate Members.

BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP. Members receive an official clan Urquhart membership card, a twice yearly (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) Association Newsletter, and notice of special events and eligibility to attend International gatherings.


  • Applicants for membership are required to pay an annual membership fee. See dues chart below.
  • Family memberships include spouses and all children under 18 years of age.
  • Contributions to assist Clan Urquhart in its work are much needed and are gratefully accepted.
  • Anyone eligible to join the Clan Urquhart Association is invited to submit an application for membership.
Nation Address Family Fee Individual Fee
USA & CANADA 507 Jefferson Park Ave., Jefferson, LA, 70121, USA or e-mail: $25 (US)$30(C) $20 (US)
$25 (C)
AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND PO Box 675, Bowral, NSW 2576, AU $30 (AU) $35(NZ) $25 (AU) $30 (NZ)
UNITED KINGDOM Faliskeour, Balfron Station, Glasgow G63 02Y, Scotland, UK £18 £12
OTHER: (Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia and Regions where no Branch is present) 507 Jefferson Park Ave., Jefferson, LA, 70121, USA or e-mail: $30 (US) $25 (US)

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