Stories & Myths


Written by Jennifer McCorkell, based on Clan legends

The Mermaid

There is said to be a mermaid,of enchanting beauty who graces the Black Isle with song and voice no mortal can match. Many men have seen her, but only the most resolved or most foolhardy will dare to approach her. It is said that if you can catch her, to gain her freedom she will grant you three wishes…. but if you fail to hold her fast to the shore, she will drag you down to the secret depths from which no man has returned. You might think this an easy task, but do not be fooled for she has the magical strength of five men. Therefore, be warned by the wisdom of ages to trifle not with the beautiful creature, but be content to listen to her song.

An Cu Mor The Great Hound

Conachar Mor possessed a hunting dog, “An Cu Mor” or Great Dog as it is translated, who has made the legends of Urquhart lore and won a place immortalized by the greyhound supporters on the Chief’s arms and standard. As the legend goes, An Cu Mor was a large hunting dog who served his master faithfully until his old age and infirmity caused such distress that Conachar desired to put the dog down. It was on the counseling of an old woman, who warned him the dog had not yet had its day, that he let the great dog live. During those days the woods had been ravished by a wild boar of such tremendous ferocity that who ever happened upon  it  did  not live to tell the tale of the encounter and only by the grizzly evidence left behind was their  testimony of the danger that prevailed over the region. It was one day when Conachar was hunting that he came upon the ferocious beast, and as great a man and as skilled a warrior as he was, he could make no fatal impression on the boar. With his own death prescribed by this treacherous beast, Conachar’s last hope and prayer was delivered in the form of An Cu Mor. The great dog, with renewed vigor of youth, battled the boar to its death, saving the first Urquhart, and the name we so proudly bear. Alas ,the great dog received such a mauling that it soon faded from this life in the arms of his beloved master.